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John Buford of Sugar Grove, Passed Away October 29, 2021, at His Home

November 2, 2021. John Buford was a man who lived life on his own terms. He had a vision of how he wanted to live his life and he created it.  His friends were family, and his family were friends. When he was young, John decided to learn to ski. He didn’t just learn to ski, he dedicated much of his life to becoming part of the first generation of skiers in the high country to become an advanced Telemark skier. He skied all over the Western part of the country and Canada for many years. Later his passion became his career when began sharing his experience with skiers all over the High Country when he managed Ski First Tracks. When he wasn’t skiing, he was on adventure treks. Some of them were day trips, others were several weeks into the Arctic. He always had a friend and a dog with him. His most revered dog was Cane. He went everywhere with John and John often felt as if Cane’s spirit was greater than any human beings. John did not keep his adventures on the ground. He also became an advanced open boater, and he boated on all the major white-water rivers in the region. Later in life, he married his love and created a new vision. He wanted to support his family, so John created again.

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