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SugarTop Resort Begins Major Restoration Project; 3.6 Million Dollar Renovation Underway

SugarTop Resort on Sugar Mountain recently began work on a major restoration project of the building. Exterior Diagnostic Services (EDS) is the company that has been selected to do the work. The Apex, North Carolina based EDS company, was founded in 2002 and specializes in commercial waterproofing and restoration of high-rise buildings and warehouses. The $3.6 million dollar project is projected to take two years to complete.

According to SugarTop HOA Treasurer, Bob Volpe, “I worked many hours for several weeks to determine the best way to proceed, then made proposals to the board. Ultimately, our HOA members approved the board’s proposed Special Assessment for the improvements by an overwhelming majority vote. This is not just a simple paint job. The building will be stripped down to the concrete and a special Keim sealing product will be applied, which will penetrate and cause the paint to adhere to the concrete. The association has been very excited and supportive of the progress that EDS has already made on our building.” This is something that SugarTop management and boards are expected to budget and plan for every 20-25 years, and includes repairs to the balconies, window treatments, and seal replacements. Everything will be done in phases. The Grandfather Mountain side is scheduled to be completed in 2022, and the Sugar Mountain ski slope side is scheduled to be done in 2023. The building’s new paint and trim colors will vary slightly from the previous paint colors. The new color is a shade of limestone and was chosen for the purpose of better blending with the serenity of the mountain landscape.

Courtesy of SugarTop HOA Communications Committee.