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Jeanne Supin Formally Announces Her Run for North Carolina State Senate District 45

Long time western North Carolina resident and mental health and addictions expert Jeanne Supin formally announced her run for North Carolina State Senate District 45. Jeanne will bring to Raleigh 40 years of policy leadership to safeguard healthcare, economic vitality, environmental protection, social justice, and real democracy. Jeanne fights for a better future.

Jeanne Supin
Jeanne’s first policy priorities include:
  • Medicaid expansion, in full support of the current NCGA House Bill 1040, Healthcare for Working North Carolinians.
  • Worker and small business protections.
  • Investments in education, particularly teacher pay and supports.
  • Rapid moves toward energy democracy and justice.
  • Safeguarding our democracy.
A History of Bad Policy Has Made This Pandemic Worse:
This pandemic reveals how precarious our lives have become after decades of bad and cruel policies. For too long leaders, claiming to be conservative, have hurt most North Carolinians by liberally rewarding the rich with perpetual tax breaks and battering the rest of us with draconian cuts in healthcare, worker and small business supports, education, environmental protection and democratic safeguards.
  • Workers have cobbled together jobs with dwindling or poverty wages and unpredictable hours. In this pandemic these jobs have either vanished or put workers at life-or-death risk.
  • Teachers have had to find second jobs and buy their own student supplies. Now they’re teaching online without warning or enough support.
  • Community hospitals have shuttered their doors or eliminated critical services like ICU’s, have overworked and underpaid their staff, and have barely squeaked by financially. The pandemic has made this exponentially worse.
  • Mental health and substance use clinics have closed, cut back services, lost some staff and stretched others too thin, and not been able to meet an exploding demand for care. That demand is rising dramatically.
  • We have watched in horror as sound environmental policies have been decimated, and our lack of solar investment is highlighted by multitudes unable to pay utility bills.
  • The so-called conservatives in our legislatures – knowing they do not have the confidence or support of the actual electorate — continually demolish the very principles of a healthy democracy.
About Jeanne
Jeanne has dedicated her career to public service, helping mental health and additions agencies delivery high quality services to the most vulnerable in our communities. Jeanne leads efforts around suicide prevention, health equity, and improving ways to treat trauma, addiction, anxiety and depression. She works with rural hospitals and clinics so people can get help close to home. And as a small business owner, she understands what it takes to sustain a thriving enterprise in the Blue Ridge Mountains and foothills, where she has lived for 25 years.
During this unprecedented pandemic Jeanne has been on the front lines volunteering, advocating on behalf of healthcare, mental health and addictions providers, and publishing a regular newsletter emphasizing emotional wellness and small business support during these unprecedented times.
The North Carolina State Senate District 45 Counties:
Surrey (a portion)