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‘Abandoned, Creepy House’ With Red Dot Atop Howard’s Knob Is Coming Down, Demolition Started Thursday

Photo by Jesse Wood
Photo by Jesse Wood

By Jesse Wood

April 11, 2013. Winkler Trucking and Excavating is currently demolishing the “abandoned, creepy” house atop Howard’s Knob. With a backstory that is unfathomable, the black house with the red dot also comes with a million-dollar view. Once in the hands of U.S. Marshals Service, Bank of America recently sold the property for $133,000, according to the Watauga County Register of Deeds. 

The house overlooks the Town of Boone and ASU. As the Winkler employee manning the excavator said, “You can practically watch the football games from here.” 

As of noon on Thursday, the two-man crew operating the excavator and dump truck have only hauled two truckloads, yet about 60 loads in all is expected.