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Snow Hits the High Country This Morning, Arrives with the Coldest Day Since Mid-February.

This morning the High Country awoke to another strand of unexpected weather this week. With the chaotic tornado weather on Wednesday, with high winds and intense rain, it’s surprising that, at around approximately 7 a.m., the sky released a flurry of snow.

According to RaysWeather.com, “we have flurries (snow showers west) in the region until mid-day – a skiff for most but a healthy dusting for favored mountaintops near the TN/NC border.” Along with this, RaysWeather.com states that because of a cold front coming through Watauga County, today is the coldest day in the area since mid-February. 

There were no delays for any schools within the area, and the roads are beginning to completely clear up. The current temperature in Boone is 30 degrees, but the low for tonight is supposed to drop as low as 26 degrees at 11 p.m. 

For more information, visit RaysWeather.com


Photo by Ken Ketchie: