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Ray’s Weather: Been Raining Since Aug. 1

By Jesse Wood

Just a couple weeks ago, we were all looking for relief from the 80-degree heat and dry weather that’s a bit much for us spoiled in the mountains. Now, we are looking for a respite from the rainy weather of the past two weeks.

In fact, it has rained in the region every day since Aug. 1, according to RaysWeather.com.

“We’ll have no relief from the humidity in the foreseeable future, and daytime temperatures gradually creep up through Monday. Rain has been in the region every day since August 1, some of it heavy. Gradually, daily rain coverage subsides beginning today, but no day in this forecast will [be] ‘shower-less’ in the region,” according to RaysWeather.com’s forecast discussion on Thursday.

To see a full forecast from RaysWeather.com, click here.