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Best Weather Day of the Week Looks To Be Friday, Photo: View From Howard’s Knob on Monday

A view of the High Country from Howard’s Knob in Boone. This photo was shot on Monday morning. Photo by Jan Todd

Monday will offer a mild respite from Sunday’s dreary weather and the rainy forecast for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, according to RaysWeather.com, which noted, “During the daytime today, we have a peek at the sun but isolated showers remain possible.”

Friday is looking like the best weather day in the near future. RaysWeather.com’s forecast for Friday is “lots of sunshine, pleasant” with a high of 68 for Boone. For the weekend, RaysWeather.com states: “As high pressure slides into the Atlantic, the weekend is much warmer and typical summer-like convection must be accounted for in the afternoons. We’ll call Saturday’s thundershower coverage “isolated” and Sunday’s “widely scattered.”