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Standing Strong Behind Local Law Enforcement: Annual Burn a Blue Bulb Campaign Kicks Off April 1

By Sherrie Norris

The local law enforcement support group known as Back our Blue Watauga is preparing to kick off the month of April as a special time to remind officers, their families and the community as a whole, that we continue to stand behind — and beside — our officers.

In an ongoing show of solidarity, Back our Blue is promoting its second annual Burn a Blue Bulb campaign. And, according to group spokesperson, Diane Ford, participants are being encouraged to turn on the blue for the entire month of April, not just for one day, as in the past.

“We were so happy that, last year, the Watauga County Commissioners and the Town of Blowing Rock, declared that the entire month of April, each year moving forward, would be set aside to honor our local law enforcement,” she said. “And, this is a small thing we can all do — burning blue light bulbs at our homes, churches and businesses — but it carries a huge message to the officers that we appreciate the sacrifices they are willing to make for all of us.”

In addition, a newly designed organization logo and a colorful poster for the 2023 campaign has been designed and printed by member Moses White.

“Big thanks to Moses,” Ford said. “He has done an amazing job and these posters will surely make this year’s campaign much more successful than last year, simply by helping to get the word out there.”

Hard copy posters are available for local businesses throughout the county, as well as half-sized posters, which are intended to be handed out to individuals.  

“Let’s do all we can in these last days of March to get the word out,” Ford added. “Our goal is to have the blue lights begin burning on April 1, and continue throughout the entire month. Let’s all do our part to light up the county in blue!

Blue bulbs can be purchased at both New River Building Supply and Watauga Building Supply in Boone.

Back Our Blue

Back Our Blue is a local, nonprofit, nonpartisan charitable organization formed in the summer of 2021. Organized after a tragedy that claimed the lives of two local deputy sheriffs, the mission of the organization is to provide emotional and physical support to local law enforcement officers and their families, and in particular at this time, those in Watauga County. 

 “By burning a blue bulb, we give visible testimony to our law enforcement officers that we support them as they work hard to keep our community an enjoyable and safe place to live,” Ford concluded, adding that the group has, and will continue to join with the local law enforcement community through various efforts in the future.

Anyone interested in learning more about Back Our Blue, or to become a part of it, visit Back Our Blue Watauga on Facebook or call 828-773-3060.