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BREMCO: Wholesale Power Increases Lead to 2.5 Percent Rate Adjustment Average, Starting in October

Aug. 21, 2012. Rising wholesale power costs are driving the need for a rate adjustment recently approved after thorough study by the board of directors for Blue Ridge Electric Membership Corporation. Beginning in October, the average Blue Ridge Electric member using 930 kilowatt hours per month will see an additional $2.70 on their monthly electric bill. It is a 2.5 percent overall rate adjustment.

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Economy Declines in April After First Quarter Gains

June 18, 2012. Western North Carolina’s economic activity declined in April, erasing earlier job growth in the region. “We are seeing a slowdown in the regional economy. There were gains in 2012, but we’ve not been able to sustain the momentum,” said Dr. Todd Cherry, director of the Center for Economic Research and Policy Analysis (CERPA) at Appalachian State University.

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