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Romney’s Son Tagg Visits Boone, Paints Portrait of Mitt as Savvy Businessman and Caring, Kind Individual

By Jesse Wood Sept. 27, 2012. Tagg Romney, the eldest son of Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, spoke before the ASU College Republicans and others diehard Republicans at a breakfast at Dan’l Boone Inn on Thursday morning after visiting a Christmas tree farm in Fleetwood.  Romney painted a portrait of his father as not only a savvy businessman who guided the state of Massachusetts and the 2002 Winter Olympics from massive deficits during his terms as governor of The Bay State and president of Salt Lake City Organizing Committee into huge surpluses but also as a man who, “in addition to being qualified, was very passionate, kind and caring.” According to Romney, his father didn’t want to take a second stab at the presidency in 2012. During Christmas time five years ago, the Romney family – which included Mitt and Ann Romney and all of their five sons and their wives – all voted in favor of Mitt Romney running for president in 2008. Nearly three years after an unsuccessful campaign where U.S. Sen. John McCain eventually won the nomination as the Republican presidential candidate, the Romney family gathered during Christmas again to discuss a second campaign. However during the winter of …

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