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The ‘Haunted’ Dougherty House at Mystery Hill

Aug. 5, 2012. Mystery Hill has been a popular tourist destination in the High County for years. One of the attractions, however — the Appalachian Heritage Museum — is rumored to be haunted. The Appalachian Heritage Museum is located in the former home of Appalachian State University founder Blanford B. Dougherty. The house was moved to Mystery Hill in 1989 after a lengthy battle between ASU and Wayne Underwood, owner of Mystery Hill, to gain rights to the property. The museum is set up, as best Underwood could, to look exactly as it did when the Dougherty family lived there in the early to mid 1900s. Reporters Jyoti Suri and Daniel Paustian recently looked into the ghost story rumors for High Country Press.
Video by Jyoti Suri & Daniel Paustian

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