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Will Voss Named Technical Director of High Country Soccer Association

High Country Soccer Association (HCSA) has named Will Voss as Technical Director. For the past year, Will has coached travel and academy teams for HCSA. He has also worked with winter Futsal and HCSA summer camps. 


“Will had experience and skills that fit perfectly with the job description of Technical Director,” said Jody Young, Director of Coaching, adding that he’s proud to have Will join the coaching staff.

Voss is passionate about youth soccer and player development because he appreciates the influence coaches had on his development has he grew up playing soccer. He played soccer in his youth at HCSA and remembers those days as a positive experience: “The HCSA coaches I had while playing in Boone truly developed me into the coach I am today. And, I’m really happy to be coaching in my home town.”

Voss’ job duties as Technical Director include directing an Academy program, directing the Summer and Winter training programs, and directing the Adult Leagues. In addition, he will serve as Volunteer Coordinator and Intern Coordinator for HCSA. He will also coach two travel teams.

Prior to accepting a position at HCSA, Voss worked at Highlands Football Club (HFC) in Asheville. While there, he gained experience in the “Soccer in Schools” program, an opportunity that put him in the county school system to run PE sessions. This is an area where HCSA is interested in growing so Young plans to include it as a program for Voss to implement in Watauga County Schools.

Voss graduated from Watauga High School in 2012 and earned a degree in Business Management from the University of North Carolina at Asheville in December of 2015. While he was a student at UNC-A, he founded and then became President of the UNCA Men’s Club Soccer Team. He holds a USSF National Youth License.