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Wake Forest Ticket Sales/Student Allocations Lockstep With Miami Game’s Attendance Last Year

By Jesse Wood

The pace of ticket sales and student ticket allocations for the Appalachian State football home game against Wake Forest is “lockstep” with last year’s matchup against the Miami Hurricanes, according to Brian Tracy, senior associate athletic director for external affairs for Appalachian State Athletics.

Last year, the Office of State Fire Marshal capped attendance at 34,658 for the historic home game against the Hurricanes. Tracy noted that 12,000 of those attending that game were allocated student tickets.

For each home game, students receive a free ticket (pre-loaded onto their AppCard) and are usually eligible to purchase up to two guest tickets. For the Wake Forest game, however, guest tickets aren’t available for purchase by students.

“We’ve been on pace step for step with the Miami Game,” Tracy said. “We’d like the ability to find a way to sell more seats and allocate more seats. We are looking at all of our options.”

In continuing to evaluate options for a higher capacity at Kidd Brewer Stadium, Tracy noted that the university is, of course, going to go through the “appropriate approval process” to ensure a safe environment on game day.

The matchup against the Hurricanes sold out in about an hour, while the Wake Forest tickets were snatched up in just a few hours time.

Miami tickets were selling on the secondary markets for up to $749, while Wake Forest tickets have been listed on the official secondary market vendor, Vivid Seats, for up to at least $369, which is a heady markup from the original purchase price of $60.

Just as the local ties to Florida, such as the summer residents, and the fact that a perennial college football power was playing in Boone, added an excitement to the Hurricanes matchup, the Sept. 23 clash between Wake Forest is also anticipated, for one, because the two campuses are only separated by an hour-and-a-half drive.

But for now, the Mountaineers have their attention focused on the Georgia Bulldogs, which are ranked No. 15 in the country. (Though not ranked in the top 25, the Mountaineers received top 25 votes in the AP Top 25 and Coaches Poll, according to ESPN)

Tracy noted that some affiliated with App State athletics are leaving for Georgia tomorrow. 2,000 App State fans purchased tickets through the Mountaineers allotment and hundreds also purchased App State’s tailgating options in Athens. Of course, many more Mountaineers fans based in Georgia are expected see the action live from Sanford Stadium, too.

As Tracy said, “all signs are pointing” to a huge Black-and-Gold presence in Athens.