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Third Annual North Carolina Downhill Skateboard Race at Mt. Jefferson State Natural Area

April 21st – Freeride

April 22nd – Practice

April 23rd – Race

On April 21st, 22nd and 23rd, 2017 skateboarders from across the country will gather in West Jefferson, North Carolina to compete in the state’s third annual sanctioned downhill skateboard race. The event will be held at the picturesque location of Mt. Jefferson State Natural Area. Designed and organized by North Carolina Downhill (NCDH), in collaboration with North Carolina State Parks, Appalachian State University’s Human Powered Transportation Club, and the Ian Tilmann Foundation. The race course features two miles of pristine pavement with three hairpins, connected by blazing fast sweepers, smooth asphalt, with plenty of passing and drafting opportunities at speeds over 50mph, with all necessary steps taken to close the road and ensure rider/spectator safety. Straw bales will be carefully placed along the length of the 2 mile race course will serve as protective barriers on corners for the riders and spectators alike. Audience members will watch on and cheer as racers speed down the curvy mountain road competing for the top prize. To accommodate the spectators we have worked with the county and local business to provide a shuttle bus that will transport people up and down the hill as necessary. We have also provided bleachers in the main overlook turn for people to sit on as well as food vendors on site.

The first race brought 66 registered riders from around the world, including the event winner and three time world champion Kevin Reimer, as well as over 400 spectators (despite torrential rain on race day).  The second year of the event brought 89 riders from across the world as far as China, Canada, Australia, and California. Spectators totaled well over 1000 over a two day period, the most ever in the parks 50 year history. For the 2017 event, we are expanding the rider cap, adding a freeride day, and including the luge category. The additional registration slots will be available for the freeride day on Friday, and will not require participants to wear full leather body suits typically only used in races. The total rider cap has been limited to 150 participants including registration spots available in open downhill skateboard, women’s downhill skateboard, luge, and freeride only categories. It is our hope that this will be more inclusive to all gravity sports enthusiasts. The 3rd annual North Carolina Downhill Skateboard Race at Mt. Jefferson will without a doubt be a race to remember!  

This year NCDH is aiming to set a precedent for downhill events, so with Saturday April 22nd being Earth Day, we have placed an emphasis on environmental, social, and economic sustainability. By partnering with the NC State Parks we hope to bring awareness around environmental stewardship, with an emphasis on conservation of our state parks system through recreational activities that encourage education of the natural and cultural heritage of Mt Jefferson. In addition, we hope to serve our community by providing helmets to skateboarders under the helmets for a promise campaign sponsored by the Ian Tilmann Foundation, and we are happy to report that over 90 helmets were given away to skaters last year. Finally, by hosting an event that draws this many participants and community members, we hope to invigorate the local economy by working with local business to provide the materials and facilities necessary to orchestrate an event of this caliber.

As always, spectating at the event is free, but if you would like to participate, the entry fee for this event will be set at $175 for all three days, $145 for practice and race day, and $75 for the freeride only, with registration a link available at NCdownhill.com

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