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The Highest Mountains East of the Mississippi are in NC, Discover the Ski Resorts and Other Offerings


Dec. 10, 2014. When the world was created, North Carolina’s Appalachian Mountains received special consideration…the highest mountains east of the Rockies, temperatures cold enough for snowmaking, incredible scenery…and some of the friendliest folks in the world.

Beech Mountain Resort sits high above any east coast ski resort at 5,505 feet.  Cataloochee Ski Area reaches a height of 5,400 feet while Sugar Mountain Resort peaks out at 5,300 feet.  Wolf Ridge Ski Resort’s elevation is 4,700 feet. Even North Carolina’s smallest ski resorts Appalachian Ski Mtn. and Sapphire Valley boast impressive east coast elevations; 4,000 feet and 3,400 feet respectively.  Situated at thirty-six degrees latitude these ski resorts are impressive in many ways.

Loads of details about the anomaly of North Carolina skiing and riding can be found on the state association’s newwebsite, unveiled just a few days ago.  Be inspired while watching a selection of commercials found onwww.goskinc.com.  If that doesn’t paint an enticing story the photography will.  Dig a little deeper to find daily snow reports or a single page listing contact information and driving directions to all six North Carolina ski areas.
Learn each resort’s mountain statistics by browsing the online brochure.  If numbers matter, study North Carolina ski industry’s economic analysis reports conducted over the years.  Data is archived as far back as 1976.
Discover snow in North Carolina first hand where BBQ, bluegrass and southern charm add genuine style to winter.  Come visit us!  GOSKINC.com.