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The First Annual Ride with RECESS Day Held Saturday, Dec. 20, at Beech Mountain Resort

By Madison Fisler Lewis

Dec. 12, 2014. If you want to shred some snow, hang out with professional snowboarders and enjoy a day with the RECESS crew without the pressure of a big competition, Ride with RECESS Day is for you. The first annual Ride with RECESS Day will be held on Saturday, Dec. 20, at Beech Mountain Resort.

adaywithrecessThe event is a day that RECESS Skate and Snow has dedicated to hanging out with their customers and friends while enjoying a day full of snowboarding.

“When we were planning this, we were trying to think of something different that gets everyone together that isn’t necessarily a competition,” said J.P. Pardy, owner of RECESS.

“There are so many contests all year long, and competition and pressure is fun too, but sometimes competition can take a little bit of fun out of snowboarding. We wanted to bring people together to have a good time, so we decided to host a Ride with RECESS Day.”

The event will allow RECESS customers and friends to enjoy a day out on the slopes with the RECESS crew.

“We have a small crew here so we don’t get to spend as much time riding as we would like,” Pardy said. “This will really let everyone get together to have fun.”

At the Ride with RECESS Day event, participants can enjoy time on the slopes and terrain park and watch professional snowboarders shred as well.

The RECESS crew including pro snowboarders Cam Pierce and Austin Leonard will be riding around Beech Mountain and hanging out in the park all day on Dec. 20 from 10 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. There is no level of riding required or time commitment for this event.

“The SPY guys are coming and we will have a RECESS tent and a SPY tent at the terrain park,” Pardy said. “We can ride together and take breaks together and just hang out. We are going to have promotional items to give away, and we will take a pause in the day and pick a feature or two in the park and the kids can watch the pros or even ride with them and just hang out. It is definitely going to be a mellow, low key day and there won’t be any pressure. It will just be a lot of fun.”

For more information about the first annual Ride with RECESS Day, click here.