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SMARL Competitors Endure Subzero Temps, See Team Standings & Week 2 Race Results

These images are from the first week of SMARL at Sugar Mountain Resort.

By Jesse Wood

The second week of SMARL (Sugar Mountain Adult Race League) was held yesterday at Sugar Mountain Resort and nearly 85 percent of the 100 racers in the local beer league came out to ski and snowboard in temperatures that were spiraling to subzero range.

Sean ‘Stumpy’ McKey, who works at Sugar Mountain Resort and is one of the competitors, recalled looking at a temperature gauge at the bottom of Oma’s Meadow and saw it read -1 degrees.

Nonetheless, McKey said all the participants had a blast and he touted the participation rate of about 85 percent of the skiers out during a night when the temperature – not to mention wind chill – was below zero.

“That’s a pretty good number,” McKey said.

While the conditions were hard-packed and fast, it was also windy.

“We had some winds that slowed some skiers down for sure,” McKey said, laughing.

Team Sugar and Banner Elk Café remain atop the standings. Both are tied at 40 points apiece in the skiing category. As for the snowboarding teams, Edge of the World remains in first place with Sugar Ski School and Modern Rustic tied for second place.

See the individual results and team standings for week 2. Also see photos from the first week of SMARL.

Team Standings Week 2


TEAM 12_0089
TEAM 11_0085
Sugar Ski School
TEAM 10_0082
Modern Rustic
TEAM 9_0068
Azucar Amigos
TEAM 8_0057
High Country Tap Room
TEAM 7_0054
Good Ole Boys
TEAM 6_0050
Appalachian Ski Team
TEAM 5a_0090
Edge of the World
TEAM 4_0024
Banner Elk Cafe
TEAM 3_0019
Ski Country D
TEAM 2_0013
Ski Country A
TEAM 1_0007
Team Sugar
Susan Leonard at her post getting the teams lined up and in order for their turn on the course.
SCENE 5_0111
Skier at the starting gate
SCENE 4_0099
Racer on the course
SCENE 3_0077
Snowboarding at the gate
SCENE 2_0063
Racers waiting their turn to race
Mark Russ of Team Ski Country Sports sporting his winter mustache
Chris Austin of Team The Lodge back for another year of racing.