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Nonprofit Hosts Public Input Meeting at Green Valley School on April 14 for Potential Recreaion Center

April 2, 2014. High Country Recreation hosts a community meeting at Green Valley School on Monday, April 14, at 5:30 p.m. to talk about a potential community recreation center for Watauga County.

High Country Recreation“The purpose of the meeting is to help generate interest in and get feedback on a community recreation center for Watauga County. Since a YMCA will not be coming to our community, a county recreation center is our only option to meet this need,” wrote High Country Recreation board member Scott St. Clair in an email announcing the meeting. 

In September 2013, a site analysis funded by the Catawba Valley YMCA found that a YMCA business model in Watauga wasn’t viable.

Hosting the meeting will be Denny Norris, a native of Green Valley and a member of the county Parks and Recreation Commission.

At a Watauga County Board of Commissioner meeting on Tuesday, Commissioner John Welch also announced the meeting. Welch has served on the Parks and Recreation Committee since he was a member of the school board.

Welch mentioned that this was very preliminary, exploratory meeting to gauge interest in a community recreation center that has been discussed off and on for the past 30 years. 

“To really reach out to folks who probably haven’t had a say before to see where people stand on it, and we really should do this on a lot more issues,” Welch said. “It sounds like [High Country Recreation] is trying to create a larger community conversation than in the past and trying to include more areas of the county for more people to really join the conversation.”  

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