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Michael Obacha Launches School Supply Drive, Donate at March 5, 7 Basketball Games


In 2014, Appalachian State University men’s basketball junior Michael Obacha (Edo State, Nigeria/High Point Christian Academy) organized a shoe drive that raised over 700 pairs of shoes to send to impoverished children in his home country of Nigeria.

Through an incredible partnership with A2S-Access to Success, Michael was able to deliver the shoes this past summer and fulfill his dream of bringing smiles to the faces of children halfway around the world.

While Michael traveled through Nigeria to hand out shoes, he also noticed another need that was not being met for many of the children. In a counry where 80 percent of the population lives on less than $2 a day, Michael noticed that many children lacked basic school supplies.

After seeing that need, Michael is excited to announce the start of a new initiative to send school supplies to the children of Nigeria. For a small donation, you can send a child a Success Pack, which will provide them with basic school supplies for one year (backpack, paper, pens and pencils, etc.).

While those supplies may seem to be basic and second-nature to children in the United States, they are in short supply for the children of Nigeria. Michael’s goal is to supply 100 children with a Success Pack, which contains school supplies for a year. We also hope to send 100 pairs of shoes to Nigeria to provide footwear for the children.

The cost to provide one Success Pack to a child is $40 and the cost to ship a pair of shoes is roughly $5 per pair – this is where we need YOUR help! By donating to the cause, you can help us reach our goal of $5,000 ($4,000 for Success Packs and $1,000 for shoes) to supply 100 children with a much-needed Success Pack and a pair of shoes!

Thanks to your generosity last year during the Michael Obacha Shoe Drive, we still have many, many pairs of shoes left! You can help us get those shoes to Nigeria by helping us cover the shipping cost at $5 a pair.

On March 5 and 7, Appalachian State University men’s basketball will host “No. 2 Night” – fans are encouraged to make a donation at the game by visiting www.igfn.us/vf/Obacha on their mobile device, or bring No. 2 pencils and other school supplies to aid the children of Nigeria.

While we will gladly accept donations of school supplies, we strongly encourage people to donate monetarily to the cause. Monetary donations will give us more flexibility as it allows us to purchase school supplies directly in Nigeria and bypass the cost of shipping them overseas, which can be particularly expensive.

Your donations can make a huge difference in the lives of children halfway around the world. Help us make a difference today in the lives of young people and help us reach our overall goal of $5,000. Michael, Access to Success and the children in Nigeria are thankful for your support!