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Appalachian, Beech Mountain Snowboard Clubs End 2016-17 Junior Freestyle Series in Tie

Hailey Trivette catches some air off the first jump during Sunday’s High Country Junior Freestyle Series.

Appalachian Snowboard Club and Beech Mountain Academy Freestyle Team competed in the last High Country Junior Freestyle Series competition of the 2016-17 winter season on Sunday. For the first time ever, the season ended in a points tie.

More than 30 youngsters competed in the event: nine from Beech Mountain and 21 from Appalachian Ski Mtn. Even though the weather was unseasonably warm on Sunday, the conditions were fantastic at the Blowing Rock ski resort thanks to the efforts of the snowmakers and groomers. The park crew set up an array of jumps, boxes and rails for all ability levels to showoff their skills.

Angela Warren, a parent volunteer for the Appalachian Snowboard Club, said the High Country Junior Freestyle Series offers a “nice way to foster a little competition, which motivates the kids to work a little harder to try to win the trophy for their mountain each year.”

End of year awards banquets for the teams will take place in early March. The Appalachian Snowboard Club will hold its end-of-year celebration on Sunday, March 5, while the Beech Mountain Academy will hold its celebration on Saturday, March 4.

For more information about Appalachian Snowboard Club and Beech Mountain Academy, click the embedded links. See the competition results for the last event of the season below: 


9 and Under

  1. Lily Dickens – App
  2. Abigail Behr – App
  3. Savannah Carrozza – App

10-13 Girls

  1. Nicole Yoos – App
  2. Hailey Trivet – App
  3. Summer Carrozza – App

14 and Up

  1. Brantley Mullins – Beech
  2. Addison Ridicule – App


9 and Under

  1. Jake Warren – App
  2. Jedon Trivette – App
  3. Quinn Oliver – App

10-13 Boys

  1. Kaden Rusinko – Beech
  2. Max Melang – Beech
  3. RJ Beilski – App

14 and Up Boys

  1. Nate Sprenger – Beech
  2. Wolf Melang – Beech
  3. Clint McNeill – App
Snowboard Boys 9 and Under
Snowboard Girls 10-13
Snowboard Boys 10-13
Snowboard Girls 14 & Up
Snowboard Girls 9 and Under
Snowboard Boys 14 & Up
Savannah Carrozza hits a jump at the begining of her run.
Jake Warren drops into the course.
ASC Coaches kicking off the medal ceremony.