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Jordan Nelson Flies Over Kidd Brewer Stadium, Captures Aerial Images of Saturday’s Contest Versus N.C. A&T

An aerial view of Kidd Brewer Stadium last Saturday. Photos by Jordan Nelson
An aerial view of Kidd Brewer Stadium last Saturday. Photos by Jordan Nelson

By Jesse Wood

Sept. 9, 2013. Jordan Nelson of Jordan A. Nelson & Associates, Aerial Imaging Specialists, shared these aerial photos of Saturday’s football game at Kidd Brewer Stadium, where the Mountaineers faced N.C. A&T. Nelson received approval from ASU to fly overhead and take pictures.

Recently, Nelson’s imagery has become well known throughout the High Country as he has shot video and taken hundreds of photos, for example, of the N.C. 194 landslide in Avery County, flooding at the Boone Mall and in Valle Crucis, The Cottages of Boone development and motocross races. So far, he has done about 150 flights since trying out his new method to capture snowboarding footage this past winter.

“I have gotten a lot of great responses from the community regarding the aerial images and video,” Nelson said.

Before using a remote control quad copter to fly over sites and capture images, Nelson said he was never more than an amateur photographer armed with his iPhone. Now, however, he is receiving contracted work – as an eye-in-the-sky – from companies out of state, including Texas. 

His Go Pro Hero 3 Black Edition camera is attached to the quad copter, which has about a one-mile range, although he prefers to keep it in his sight. He sets it to snap photos every two seconds or so – and all the while he can adjust the pitch of the camera to either look straight ahead or straight down.

“It allows to me to get a very unique perspective,” Nelson said, adding that he enjoys the process thoroughly.

As for the photos at Kidd Brewer Stadium, Nelson said, “After doing the game, someone from the stands came up to me and said, ‘It looks like you had the most fun of anybody in the whole stadium.”

For more information, to see photos or to inquire as a potential customer, check out his company’s Facebook page or his webpage.

Photo by Jordan Nelson
Photo by Jordan Nelson