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Hooray! Say Operators of Ski Resorts, The Upcoming Days Looks Fantastic For Skiing and Snowboarding

Sugar  Mountain Ski Resort
Sugar Mountain Ski Resort

By Jesse Wood 

Jan. 17, 2012. With a dozen inches of natural snow forecasted through the night in some areas in the High Country, the local ski resorts are stoked. This weekend looks cold and sunny, and the forecasts further out predict some of the coldest weather of the winter season. Area resorts are already blowing snow to help solidify its base for when the Mother Nature calls. 

This is what’s currently happening at the local ski resorts:

Sugar Mountain Resort

Sugar Mountain began making snow at about 10:30 a.m. at the top of the mountain and has the temperature drops at the base of the mountain, Kim Jochl of Sugar Mountain Resort said snowmaking will began at the bottom as well.

“We’re patiently waiting. That’s for sure. We are excited, just waiting for it to arrive, so we can get all the slopes in real good shape, build the current base and build more terrain, so we can have a good weekend,” Jochl said, adding that “the next weekend looks excellent.”

Appalachian Ski Mountain

Appalachian Ski Mountain will begin adding man-made snow this afternoon on top of the base that has melted somewhat in the past few days with all of the rain, according to Drew Stanley of App Ski Mountain.

“There’s still plenty of snow out there for people to ski on right now,” Stanley said. “But with our snowmaking and natural snow, the weekend looks fantastic.”

He said that the resort should be able to make quite a bit of snow as Mother Nature drops numerous inches of its own.

“This weekend looks calm and sunny and next week looks like the coldest weather of the season. We’ll be able to really pump out snow and establish a deep base pretty fast. It’s a little late, but we are excited about it.”

Appalachian Ski Mountain
Appalachian Ski Mountain

Beech Mountain Resort

Via its website: “Cold temperatures are on the way! We expect to begin snowmaking on Wednesday evening.  The resort will continue to aggressively produce snow in preparation for the holiday.The forecast predicts natural snow accumulation of 6-8 inches on Thursday! Our customers can expect great snow conditions this weekend. So bundle up, grab your skis and head over to Beech Mountain Resort.”