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High Country Grizzlies Beat Dayton Wolfpack 94-6

The Dayton Wolfpack entered the Den on Saturday night to face the High Country Grizzlies in the third game of the season. It was an impressive showing for the Grizzlies with 35 rushing yards and 138 passing yards for a grand total of 173 total offensive yards!

The team also completed four of five red-zone conversions as well as ten sacks for a total of 48 yards. Key players for the Grizzlies were Malachi Jones and Stephen Panasuk on the offensive side and Brandon Fuentes and Jimmy Legree for the defensive side. Jones made a big splash this week totaling four touchdowns while Panasuk contributed seven touchdowns through the air and one on the ground. Fuentes had three interceptions, one ending in a touchdown for the Grizzlies!

Legree made his presence known Saturday with three interceptions, two of which he took home for High Country tourchdowns! The Grizzlies kicked off the impressive victory shortly within the game by intercepting four first-half passes along with eight sacks of Wolfpack quarterback James Moreland. By the time the game clock hit zero, the Grizzlies had showed what they were made of with a show stopping 94-6 victory over the Wolfpack.

Head coach Josh Resignalo said, “One of the main things we were working on int he second half was to stay composed, don’t fall down to stupid penalties and to finish, don’t stop.” The Grizzlies will be at home in the Holmes Convocation Center again April 9 facing the Jacksonville Sharks. Kick off is set for 3:30 p.m. and will be Watauga themed! The Grizzlies will be running a one time only ticket special; if you buy two tickets you get one free!

Make sure that you come out to support and take advantage of this great deal. More information about the Grizzlies or to purchase tickets please visit www.highcountrygrizzlies.com.