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Eight App Sports Record Perfect Single-Year APR

Eight of Appalachian State University’s 18 varsity sports registered perfect single-year scores of 1,000 in the latest NCAA Division I Academic Progress Rate (APR) data, which was released by the NCAA on Wednesday.

Field hockey, men’s cross country, women’s cross country, women’s golf, women’s soccer, women’s tennis, men’s track & field, and women’s track & field all compiled perfect single-year scores to match or boost the multiyear (four-year) average for those programs. Overall, all sport programs possess multi-year APR rates of 950 or above, with nine of the 18 sports (indoor and outdoor track are combined for APR reporting) exceeding the national average for their respective sports. Last week, NCAA Public Recognition Awards were given to women’s golf, women’s soccer, and women’s tennis for their perfect APR multiyear scores of 1,000.

“Our programs continue to strive for academic excellence and our APRs continue to climb across the department, as evident by eight programs with a perfect single-year score,” Appalachian State director of athletics Doug Gillin said. “Congratulations and thanks to our student-athletes, coaches, academic services personnel, faculty and staff for their efforts in making it happen.” 

Appalachian State Multiyear APRs (Thru 2015-2016)
Sport Multi-Year Rate National Average
Women’s Golf 1000 990
Women’s Soccer 1000 986
Women’s Tennis 1000 988
Women’s Cross Country 995 988
Men’s Cross Country 993 979
Field Hockey 984 989
Men’s Soccer 984 977
Women’s Basketball 982 980
Men’s Basketball 980 966
Men’s Track 978 971
Men’s Tennis 976 981
Softball 973 983
Women’s Track 973 982
Women’s Volleyball 966 987
Baseball 960 973
Football 958 966
Men’s Wrestling 955 973
Men’s Golf 950 984