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CrossFit Boone Not Just a Work Out, Program Improves Health Through Fitness, Performance and Nutrition

June 14, 2013. Are you struggling with motivation when it comes to health, wellness and nutrition for your family? The Paul H. Broyhill Wellness Center is offering a solution in CrossFit Boone.

Adam and Debra Williams pictured with CrossFit Coach Jay Johnson

Adam and Debra Williams, 36, live in Trade, Tenn. with their two children. The fun loving couple of 13 years realized one day that they wanted to focus on living a healthier lifestyle. Both were already Wellness Center members, so they decided to try CrossFit.

“Before, we use to head to the gym to just work out. Now, as CrossFit members, it has become a lifestyle change for us,” said Adam, President of Brushy Fork Environment Consulting. “We bend our whole schedule around making the worthwhile drive to the Wellness Center for CrossFit.”  

CrossFit Boone brings CrossFit’s training principles and methods to the high country. The premiere strength and conditioning program at the Wellness Center, CrossFit Boone is scalable and suitable for all fitness levels. The program focuses on improving health through fitness, performance and nutrition. 

Debra, a work from home artist and mom said, “I love the community of CrossFit Boone, the members have become our family in Boone. It’s a wonderful feeling to accomplish a goal and have the entire CrossFit team cheer you on.”

Jay Johnson, Wellness Center Instructor and CrossFit Boone Coach said, “The Williams are an inspiration to everyone at the Wellness Center as they both seek to implement the CrossFit principles into their daily lifestyles.”  

The Williams agree that coaches like Jay Johnson, are the reason why the program is so successful in improving overall wellness and coinfidence. CrossFit Boone has several coaches, with years of experience who are dedicated to improving lives through fitness. The coaches encourage participants in each part of the work-out to ensure everyone is performing the exercises with the proper form.  

“Jay is such a tremendous asset to the Wellness Center, and especially to CrossFit Boone,” shared Jodi Cash, Director of the Wellness Center. “He has received multiple certifications to make him an even better coach, and he truly cares about each participant as an individual.” 

The Wellness Center offers flexible CrossFit Boone class schedules, as well as a fundamentals class for beginners. 

“CrossFit Boone is for everyone and it is very welcoming, Adam continued. “It’s all about bettering yourself as we are all learning and encouraging each other.”  

For more information about CrossFit Boone or on how to get involved in the Wellness Center call 828-266-1060 or visit www.apprhs.org/wellnesscenter.

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