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The Beech Mountain Resort Downhill Race Series’ Final Race and Awards Ceremony Takes Place Sept. 28

By Rebecca Mullins

Sept. 23, 2013. The Beech Mountain Resort Downhill Race Series has one last race to finish up the year. They have hosted a dual slalom race, as well as two downhill races this season, and now we’re down to the bikers’ last chance for a victory. 

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The downhill race will be held rain or shine on Sept. 28 at Beech Mountain Resort. The event is open for spectators, so come and watch.

A single lift ticket for an observer will cost $5, or you can trek your way up and vie for a good spot to watch. For any riders out there, you can enter the competition for $55, but if you register on USA cycling you can save yourself $5. 

“It’s a consistent race series. If you do bad one weekend, you can make it up another weekend,” said Ryan Puckett, Manager of Beech Mountain Resort’s Magic Cycles Bike Shop. 

With riders sent down one at a time, with 1/2 min. – 1 min. intervals between bikers, these races are all about timing. And the last race gives competitors their last chance to score big.

The Beech Mountain Resort Downhill Race Series attracts attention from bikers all around the nation. The Resort offers quick lifts, varying trails, and close proximity, the next closest bike trail with a lift being in Snowshoe, WV, 5 hours away. Altogether, the race has brought together amateurs and experts alike.

“You’d be pretty hard pressed to show up at the mountain at any time and not find someone really well known throughout North Carolina, ” commented Puckett. 

Pro-bikers from across North Carolina and the surrounding states will be heading into town for the weekend on Sept. 28. Talia Freeman, the Director of Marketing at Beech Mountain Resort, predicts that anywhere from 100-150 bikers will show up for the race, and each probably with a family member or friend in tow. 

“We have a pretty unique, diverse terrain,” said Freeman. “It’s not as machine made [as others].”

The courses at Beech Mountain are made specially by Mike Thomas. It wouldn’t be surprising to see lots of rocks and tree roots along the courses. 

“The trails are very sustainable,” Puckett told us.

With the green trails and mountainous terrain, the Beech Mountain Resort Bike Park will continue to attract bikers of all levels for a long time. For more information about Beech Mountain Resort and it’s bike park, click here.