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ASU Football Seniors Get Lessons in Etiquette Last Week at the 1861 Farmhouse in Valle Crucis

ASU football seniors got lessons in etiquette on Aug. 23. Photo submitted

Aug. 31, 2012. The Appalachian State senior football players visited The 1861 Farmhouse Thursday, Aug. 23, for the third annual Appalachian State Football Etiquette Camp. Alison Garrett, known as the “Etiquette Coach” to the ASU football team, and her husband Steve Garrett, owners of The 1861 Farmhouse in Valle Crucis, hosted the senior players.

An instructional Etiquette Dinner was followed by lessons in social introductions, responding to invitations, acceptable social behavior and dating etiquette. The theme of this year’s Etiquette Camp was: “Being a Person of Excellence.”

“Etiquette Camp is just a testament to Coach Moore, and to the kind of football program he runs at ASU. He heads up a staff of coaches who care about these boys not just as players, but as the husbands, fathers, and citizens they will become,” said Alison Garrett. 

“Coach Moore wants to equip them with every tool he can to help them reach their full potential, to be successful in their lives. I am honored to be the person entrusted to help instruct and guide these young men. They are all just terrific kids. Every single one of them is on track to graduate – on time! When Coach Moore first asked me to do this several years ago. neither of us was knew for sure how it would go over. But every year, the players look forward to it – having heard about it from last year’s seniors – and they are always very interested, engaged, and full of questions! I believe it is a very enjoyable time for all of us, and I really do feel they learn some skills that they can carry with them after they graduate.”

1861 Farmhouse is located at 124 Broadstone Road in Valle Crucis off N.C. 105. For more information, call 828-963-6301 or visit 1861farmhouse.com.