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Appalachian State Cycling Brings Mountain Biking Conference Championship Back to Boone

By Erika Ivey

Oct. 10, 2012. Appalachian State University has produced yet another conference winning team on its campus. This time it is the cycling team that has won the Mountain Biking Conference championship. As a club on campus, this team is doing great things on a very large athletic scale.

Beginning as a competitor in a Division II conference, the ASU cycling team recently moved up to Division I a few years ago, which put them in the prestigious ACC. As it is mountain biking season, the Mountaineers have been able to get a lot of local practice.

The conference championship was hosted at a ski resort in Maryland by West Virginia University. The title gives the Mountaineers their very first win as a Division I team. Last year they received a third place team finish at the conference championship against the other ACC schools.

Appalachian State cycling is on a slightly higher competitive level than the average club team. President of the cycling club, Todd Whitescarver, said, “The difference between us and other clubs is that we compete at a varsity level.”

With a team of about 40, there were about 20 of the bikers that competed in the Mountain Biking Conference championship. The rest of the athletes will patiently wait for their season of specialty, which ranges from road biking to track racing.

The heart of these athletes is incredible, as there is no scholarship pressure or obligation. “It is all up to individuals,” said Whitescarver. “We do not make them do this.” The discipline of these devoted athletes is noticeable on the Appalachian State campus.

With the team being broken up by levels of experience, there were two first place winners within the championship in two different groups, Men’s A and Men’s B. “I am super proud,” said Whitescarver.

ASU cycling is pedaling toward another conference win as they go into another biking season. “It is a good example for those interested in our program,” said Whitescarver as he spoke about the success. “I just feel like it is representative of the program that we stand for.”

For more information and updates on the Appalachian cycling team, visit their site at cycling.appstate.edu.