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The Appalachian Snowboarding Club’s Season Has Begun and Is Accepting New Members!

The Appalachian Snowboard Club

Parents! Winter is here, and you know what that means… It’s Snowboarding season! If your kid is interested in snowboarding, the Appalachian Snowboarding Club is something to look into. The season just started, and the ASC is accepting new members. This club is an excellent way to keep your child active, while learning new skills and experiencing competition.

The Appalachian Snowboard Club originated in 2012 through the partnership of Appalachian Ski Mountain and the French Swiss Ski College under the supervision of Coach Joe Nielander. The Appalachian Snowboard Club is only for kids between the ages of 7- 18.

The ASC takes place from Mid-December through early March.

The club offers competitions, practices and an end-of-season celebration. The practices are lead by instructors who are trained by the French Swiss Ski College. Each instructor is a professional, and will take time to help members of the ASC to perfect their skills.

Angela Warren is an ASC parent and volunteer.  Her son, Jake Warren, joined the club three years ago. She has watched her son and his friends grow as snowboarders, competitors and as comrades. Warren claims that the ASC has been an incredible experience for parents and their children.

The Appalachian Snowboard Club is an affordable and fun way for kids to develop their snowboarding skills. The ASC allows kids to compete in competitions all over the High Country, while providing training to continue to develop new skills.

ASC member Jake Warren drops into the course.

Warren states, “The instructors teach about safety when the kids are learning tricks. The club is a great way for kids to learn from experienced coaches, while learning safety measures to consider before performing tricks.”

Competitions are an important part of the club, however they are not required. Club members compete by age groups and gender. Each age group is comprised of eligible competitors from all of the snowboarding clubs within the area. Kids from the same club will often compete against each other.  

Warren says, “My favorite part of my little boy being involved in this programs is that he is learning about safety. He has learned how to go off of the jumps without endangering himself. My son really enjoys the competitions. He has learned how to be a good winner, and a how to be a good sport when losing. I would strongly encourage any parents with kids who have an interest in snowboarding to look into the ASC program. It has provided incredible learning opportunities for my son, and he has had a blast!”  

The club practices on Saturday afternoons, with optional competitions on Sundays. The competitions take place in the High Country,  at Appalachian Ski Mountain or Beech Mountain Resort.

The ASC is a great way to build lasting bonds with snowboarders in the community, and to have a great time through friendly competition.

For more information regarding the practice and event schedule, the clinic flyer, the ASC options plan, or for the ASC registration form, click on the desired link below. Please note that all practices and competition dates are subject to change, depending on the weather.  

The Appalachian Snowboard Club

Click HERE for ASC Practice and Event Schedule 2017-18

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