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Appalachian Snowboard Club Wins Regional Youth Title, Members Win Individual Honors

Concluding its third year, the Appalachian Snowboard Club was the top overall youth team in the region. Photo by Ken Ketchie


By Jesse Wood

The kids on the Appalachian Snowboard Club were all smiles as they finished their third season on a high note as the top overall youth team in the High Country.

The team held practices from December into March, competed in competitions at Beech Mountain Resort, Appalachian Ski Mtn. and Sugar Mountain Resort in January and February. The season concluded on March 8 with a end of season party, cake and fun ride down the slopes at Appalachian Ski Mtn.

While Appalachian Snowboard Club won the overall, regional team title, Hailey Trivette won the girls division “Shred for the Cup” trophy; Ethan Cannon won the beginner division “Shred for the Cup” trophy; and Duncan Nielander won “Shred for the Cup” trophy for the advanced division.

Appalachian Snowboard Cup’s team includes (age):

  • R J Bielski (7)
  • James Moody/Barker (10)
  • Samuel Campbell (9)
  • Avery Cannon (12)
  • Harrison Cash (9)
  • Miles Cash (7)
  • Ethan Cannon (10)
  • Gage Cochrane (10)
  • Davis Eller (11)
  • Tory Grubbs (17)
  • Nathaniel Hoppach (14)
  • Sylas Lackey (13)
  • Jared Lareau (12)
  • Andrew McDonald (7)
  • Joe Osmoski (14)
  • Issac Pope (14)
  • John Sarantou (11)
  • Eli Selong (12)
  • Ben Simpson (12)
  • Asher Strauss (8)
  • Hailey Trivette (10)
  • Jacob VanMeter (10)
  • Isaac Velasquez (8)
  • Jake Warren (6)
  • Bella Wierback (14)
  • Alexis Wilson (13)
  • Nicole Yoos (10)

The Appalachian Snowboard Club (ASC) began in 2012 with the support of the French Swiss Ski College, Appalachian Ski Mtn. and Head Coach Joe Nielander; is designed for boarders aged 7 to 18; and is all about having fun, learning new tricks, and forming a rich community of snowboarders with long lasting friendships, according to the organization’s website.

Nielender said he helped form the club with two others because there were plenty of teams and races for young skiers – but not snowboarders. Nielender added that he felt Appalachian Ski Mtn. was the “friendliest” to snowboarders and that the club was interested in practicing on the App Terrain Park, which he said were the “best” around.

“I thought it would be nice camaraderie because snowboarders are kind of on their own,” Nielender said.

Nielender noted that the level of competition is very remedial and starts at a real low level, so kids don’t won’t be “scared to death” competing with a good shot at winning a race.

In 2012, the club started out with 12 members and grew to 30 members this season. For those interested in joining the club for next year can contact the French Swiss Ski College or click to Appalachian Snowboard Club’s Facebook page for more information.



Head Coach Joe Nielender at the “end of season” party.