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Appalachian Rollergirls Defeat Charlotte B-Dazzlers 157 to 61 on Saturday, April 28 at Gerlefest; Still Undefeated

By Paul T. Choate

April 30, 2012. The Holmes Convocation Center, on the campus of Appalachian State University, played host to “Gerlefest” on Saturday, April 28. The Appalachian Rollergirls defeated the Charlotte B-Dazzlers 157 to 61 in the hard-hitting bout.

“In the roller derby community people say, ‘These Appalachian Rollergirls have come a long way.’ People are pretty impressed with how far we’ve come,” said Jennele “Coco Janel” Vaquera.

Play was temporarily halted during the match due to Kristen “Sweet Psy*ren” Litvak, of the B-Dazzlers, sustaining an injury to her leg.

“The idea is to use legal zones of engagement. If you keep yourself locked in position you’re allowed to, basically, knock the crap out of each other,” said Vaquera. “Charlotte was a really big hitting team. They weren’t necessarily the fastest team on skates but they were really strong hitters. They knew if they could put us on the floor enough they could make us tired. So after this bout I’m a little bruised up.”

“We had a really good turnout,” said Vaquera. “There was a great crowd with lots of kids – it was very family friendly. It was a good atmosphere. Charlotte brought up a great crowd too.”

The turnout for roller derby bouts in the High Country is increasing steadily as the community becomes more aware of the Appalachian Rollergirls and their success. Approximately 1,400 fans have come out for their last two bouts.

“This time when I went around selling tickets so many people were aware of the event as opposed to people saying, ‘We have a roller derby team?’” said Vaquera.

Part of the proceeds from the bout benefited the Watauga Humane Society. The Rollergirls spent time volunteering at the Humane Society prior to this weekend’s bout to learn more about the organization.

“Humane Society is great,” said Vaquera. “Hopefully we will be cutting them a big check soon.”

With only five bouts remaining in the 2012 season, the currently undefeated Rollergirls have high expectations of how successful this season can be.

“I would love to say that [an undefeated season] could be the case. That’s definitely what we’re shooting for,” said Megan “Bone Thugs N Carmody” Carmody.

“We’re rolling really well right now and we’ve got a lot of great members on the team. I think we have the chance to make this a really good season.”

Video by Ken Ketchie 


Upcoming bouts

June 23. ARg vs. Chattanooga Rollergirls, George M. Holmes Convocation Center, Boone, N.C.

July 14. ARg vs. Savannah Derby Devils, Savannah, Ga.

August 4. ARg vs. Carolina Bootleggers, George M. Holmes Convocation Center, Boone, N.C.

August 25. ARg vs. Music City Brawl Stars, Nashville, Tenn.

November 17. ARg vs. Gate City Rollergirls, Greensboro, N.C.

The Appalachian Rollergirls are sponsored by Appalachian Hospitality Management, Black Cat, John Rowell Landscapes, Lucky Penny, Boone Drugs, SideShowLabs and the Incredible Toy Company.

For more information, visit appalachianrollergirls.com.

Appalachian Rollergirls roster

Jersey #   Nickname
18 Jabs Bunny
143 Bone Thugs N Carmody
1887 Doc Holla Daze
NO2 Betzy Poop
22 Nell Raiser
2000 Ashinator
314 Poison Cupcake
5 Coco Janel
647 Mala Mujer
D61 Diesel Pusher
63 Snatch N Bent
683 Miss Scarah
83 Rolli Canolli
Coach Cool Hand Duke
Coach J Gnaws Tin 

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