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See Results, Photos from Kids’ Slopestyle Competition at Beech Mountain Resort

Slopestyle Contest participants receiving instructions from Ric Wilkinson, Director of Mountain Sports at Beech Mountain Resort.

Beech Mountain Resort hosted a Slopestyle competition this past Sunday, Feb. 7 as part of the High Country Junior Freestyle Series.  It was a gorgeous day on the mountain!

The event was held in the Beech Mountain Terrain Park where athletes skied or snowboarded down an obstacle course which included rails and jumps. Each athlete was allowed 3 runs. A team of judges, staged at various points throughout the course, evaluated them on height of jumps, degree of trick difficulty, execution and personal style.

25 athletes registered for the event representing Appalachian Ski Mountain and Beech Mountain. See the results below:

9 & Under Snowboard Boys

1st: Jake Warren (ASM)

2nd: RJ Bielski (ASM)

3rd: Cooper Carrozza (ASM)

10-13 Snowboard Boys 

1st: Ethan Cannon (ASM)

2nd: Alex Shabazi (Beech)

3rd: Nate Sprenger (Beech)

4th: Max Melang (Beech)

5th: Kaden Rusinko (Beech)

6th: Aaron Frye (Beech)

7th: Ben Sergent (ASM)

10-13 Ski Boys

1st: Jensen Moretz (ASM)

2nd: Samuel Campbell (ASM)

3rd: Will Spillman (ASM)

10-13 Snowboard Girls

1st: Hailey Trivette (ASM)

2nd: Nicole Yoos (ASM)

3rd: Lilly Woodlief (Beech)

14-18 Snowboard Boys

1st: Calvin Hood (Beech)

2nd: Avery Cannon (ASM)

3rd: Rueben Nelson (ASM)

4th: Ben Simpson (ASM)

5th: Wolfgang Melang (Beech)

14-18 Ski Boys

1st: Torstien Sjostedt (Beech)

2nd: Matthew Melang (Beech)

14-18 Snowboard Girls

1st: Brantley Mullins (Beech)

2nd: Addison Rudicile (ASM)

For more info on how to join the App Ski Mtn or Beech Mtn teams or to find out about upcoming events, see links below:



Jake Warren, 7 year old snowboarder, hitting a rail
Jensen Moretz, 10 year old skier, hitting a rail
App Ski Mtn team waiting for their chance to drop in and run the course.