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First Youth Snowboard Competition in High Country Takes Place, Click for Photos, Results

Girls snowboard 10-13 : First Place-Hailey Trivette (App Ski Mtn), Second Place-Lilly Woodlief(Beech), Third Place-Nicole Yoos (App Ski Mtn). Photos are by David Andrews of Performance Images

The first local, youth snowboard competition took place this past weekend at Appalachian Ski Mtn. between the Appalachian snowboard team and the Beech Mountain snowboard team.

Competition results are as follows:

Girls snowboard in 10 to 13 years old category:

  • 1: Hailey Trivette (App Ski Mtn),
  • 2: Lilly Woodlief(Beech),
  • 3: Nicole Yoos (App Ski Mtn)

Boys snowboard 9 and under:

  • 1: Kaden Rusinko(Beech)
  • 2: Benjamin Sergent (App Ski Mtn),
  • 3: RJ Bielski (App Ski Mtn)

Boys snowboard 10 to 13 years old:

  • 1: Avery Cannon (App Ski Mtn),
  • 2: Ethan Cannon (App Ski Mtn),
  • 3: Nate Sprenger (Beech)

Boys snowboard 14 & up

  • 1: Andrew Woodlief (Beech),
  • 2: Tanner Mane (Beech)

As for the Appalachian Snowboard Club (ASC), it began in 2012 with the support of the French Swiss Ski College, Appalachian Ski Mtn. and Head Coach Joe Nielander; is designed for boarders aged 7 to 18; and is all about having fun, learning new tricks, and forming a rich community of snowboarders with long lasting friendships, according to the organization’s website.

In a previous interview, Nielender said he helped form the club because there were plenty of teams and races for young skiers – but not snowboarders.

Nielender added that he felt Appalachian Ski Mtn. was the “friendliest” to snowboarders and that the club was interested in practicing on the App Terrain Park, which he said were the “best” around.

“I thought it would be nice camaraderie because snowboarders are kind of on their own,” Nielender said.

Nielender noted that the level of competition is very remedial and starts at a real low level, so kids won’t be “scared to death” and are competing with a good shot at winning a race.

Training is on Saturday afternoons with optional contests/races held on Sundays at Appalachian Ski Mtn., Beech Mountain Resort, and Sugar Mountain.

The ASC offers certified French Swiss coaches who are professionals and know safety comes first.

It’s not to late to join. Click here for more information: http://www.appskimtn.com/on-the-mountain/snowboard-club

The next event for the teams is on Feb. 21 at Beech Mountain Resort. Prior to that event, there is an Open Boarder Cross Race at ASM on Jan. 30. More information on the boarder cross race can be found here: http://www.appskimtn.com/event/asef-boarder-skier-x-2


Boys snowboard 14 & up : First Place- Andrew Woodlief (Beech), Second Place- Tanner Mane (Beech).
Boys snowboard 10-13 : First Place- Avery Cannon (App Ski Mtn), Second Place- Ethan Cannon (App Ski Mtn), Third Place- Nate Sprenger (Beech)
Boys snowboard 9 & under : First Place- Kaden Rusinko(Beech) Second Place-Benjamin Sergent (App Ski Mtn), Third Place- RJ Bielski (App Ski Mtn)