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Eighth Annual P.B. Scott’s Reunion Party to Take Place on Saturday, May 4, at Canyons Featuring Rewind

By Madison V. Fisler

April 29, 2013. For many former and current High Country residents, the memories of P.B. Scott’s music hall are still completely fresh in their minds.

Loud music, national acts, fun times and huge crowds were the trademark of this once legendary venue. Even more than 25 years after the establishment, which hosted national acts on a regular basis, closed its doors forever in 1983, those who once grooved all night long still long for the experience once again.  

“We want to hold this reunion so people can come have a great time with their old friends,” said Bart Conway, owner of Canyons in Blowing Rock and former co-owner of P.B. Scott’s. 

For the eighth year in a row, the annual P.B. Scott’s Reunion Party will keep alive the memory of the once famous music club in Blowing Rock.

The event takes place at Canyons in Blowing Rock on Saturday, May 4, at 9:30 p.m. Live music will be provided by Rewind, who will play music from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s for guests to dance and reminisce to. There will be a $5 dollar cover charge at the door.pbs-300x206

“This is the biggest shin-dig of the year in the High Country,” said Randy Kelly, former manager and co-owner of P.B. Scott’s.

“It’s uncommonly wonderful to be in a room where everyone is in a great mood, having a great time with a common interest. Guest’s should expect a live band playing their favorite songs, and to see all of their old friends while making new ones”.

The annual party is very close to the hearts of many present and former residents of the High Country. P.B. Scott’s is known by many to be one of the few venues that have remained ingrained in all of those who once frequented it.

“P.B. Scott’s had a huge impact on the community,” Conway said. “We had acts that you couldn’t find anywhere else in the area. It was an attraction in itself. People came in from everywhere, many from out of state.”

Conway said that he best remembers the music club as “great bands and a great time.” 

“The most exciting part is that over 25 years later this many people still realize how special this place was, and that time of their life was and they can relive it each night and see their old friends. Even some old bartenders come back. It’s just like a college class reunion, if everyone in your college was your friend,” Kelly said.

While there are sure to be many familiar faces at the event which boasted over 200 guests for the last reunion, those who never got a chance to enjoy the excitement of this legendary club are invited to come out and get a taste of what it was like.

The music hall is best remembered for being one of the best venues for live entertainment in a place where college kids and loud music were not exactly welcomed. It was a place for college kids and residents alike to come together and experience music and fun to get away from it all.


“P.B. Scott’s was considered by everyone who came to be the best club in the area. We brought the greatest acts into an environment that really appreciated them. We also had amazing sound because of the acoustics in the building and we were first place with digital delay,” Kelly said

P.B. Scott’s legendary existence was relatively short, lasting only from the late 1970’s and into the early 1980’s. After many lawsuits and battles over noise disturbances and allegations of the venue being a nuisance to the town, the Town of Blowing Rock finally succeeded, and the music hall closed its doors.

“Back then, restaurants had to prove that they got 51 percent of their profits from food and 49 percent from alcohol,” said Conway. “They wanted restaurants, not bars.”

Though the music hall itself is gone, the memory of it and the impact it had on the lives of High Country residents lives on. The eighth annual reunion party will once again ensure that it remains far from forgotten.

For anyone headed to the reunion party, a new transportation service has popped up in the High Country. Blowing Rock Shuttle Inc. This new and affordable transportation option will be available to help people get to and from the P.B. Scott’s reunion, as well as any other events in the area.

“We are focused on letting people have fun and be safe at the same time,” said Buddy Barker, owner and operator of Blowing Rock Shuttle Inc. 

Blowing Rock Shuttles is prepared to provide transportation to and from the reunion party for groups large and small. He requests that those interested call in advance, however he is on call on all weekdays and weekends.

For more information, or to book transportation, contact Buddy Barker at 828-295-3140.

Canyons is located at 8960 Valley Blvd. in Blowing Rock. For more information, call 828-295-7661 or visit canyonsbr.com.