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Daniel Bachman with Locust Post and Baylor Rossi Will Play Espresso News on August 26

by Becky Petchenik

July 26, 2013 Daniel Bachman of Tompkins Square Records will be playing at Espresso News on Aug 26.  The show is all ages and begins at 9:30 p.m. with a $5 cover charge.  Locust Post and Baylor Rossi with accompaniment by local musicians will round out the ticket, and the event promises to be an inspired night of primitivist folk, weird Americana and lonesome country in the vein of Will Oldham and in the spirit of the wandering songsmiths of the dustbowl.

Daniel Bachman’s acoustic talents are something of a complexity.  Hard to pin down to one specific genre, there are elements of early prairie folk, spanish finger picking, and mariachi western floating around and mingling in new ways in his lonesome and eerie music.  He has garnered a modicum of well deserved celebrity with his appearance on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series as well as playing shows throughout the area.

Locust Post can best be described as weird, folk-inspired and innovative.  Beyond that, strict genre lines are not quite applicable.  Locust Post takes a page from Magnolia Electric Company’s playbook and dives headlong into honest and soulful melody with tones of country and traditional Americana.

Baylor Rossi is an accomplished songsmith with an introspective and candid approach to music.  Rossi will be accompanied by various other local musicians.