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Boone Town Council Meets This Week, Nov. 19 and 21, List Of Agenda For Each Session

Boone Town Council meets Tuesday, Nov. 19 and Thursday, Nov. 20, at 6:30 p.m. to discuss different issues.

Here is a list of the agenda for each session:


 4. Consent Agenda Adoption:

A. Minutes: October 15 & 17, 2013 – Regular Meetings

B. Approval of Encroachment Agreement – Events by Elizabeth Ashley Projecting Sign

C. Approval of Encroachment Agreement – Old World Galleries Canopy Sign

D. Approval of Encroachment Agreement – Old World Galleries Projecting Sign

5. Public Comment:

6. Council Matters:

A.   Adoption of Resolution: Honoring Public Service of Virgil W. Greer

B.    Discussion of Prodcedure for Filling Upcoming Vacancy on the Boone Town Council

C.    Discussion of December Meeting Date

D.   Planning and Inspections Monthly Report

E.    Updates from Cultural Resources Department 

F.    CRaB Recommendation: Rate Changed for Jones House Community Center

G.   CRaB Recommendation: Outdoor Adventure Course on Rivers Property

H.   CRaB Quarterly Report

I.      Approval of Change Order: Mac St., Crest Dr. 7 Arbor Lane Sewer Replacement Project

J.     Monthly Water Use Status Report

K.   Approval of Budget Amendment



9. Announcements:

  1. Public Comment

10. Tentative Agenda Adoption

11. Public Comment

12. Council Matters:

A. Announcement of Board Vacancies

B. Board Appointments

                        1. Affordable Housing Taskforce

                        2. Board of Adjustment

                        3. Community Appearance Review Committee

                        4. Outside Agency Funding Review Committee

                        5. Boone TDA Board

                        6. Tree Board

                        7. Watauga County Recreation Commission

                        8. Water Use Committee

13. Request Appearances

A. Randy Jones: Recommendation for Conservation Treatment of Historic Boone Post Office Mural

 14. Closed Session