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High Country Real Estate: PANTONE® recently announced their pick for 2023’s color of the year

By Bill Aceto

Viva Magenta is very vibrant.


Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with vibrant colors. Nothing at all.

And if you have been waiting your whole life for the color of the year to be in the magenta family so you could paint your entire house magenta and be 100% on point for the year…WOOHOO! Congrats! It’s finally happened!

But what happens when PANTONE® announces 2024’s color of the year? Trust me, it’s not going to be Viva Magenta again. 

It’s just not.

However, Viva Magenta is not automatically going to become passe and dated at the stroke of midnight on December 31, 2023. It actually takes several years for the color of the year to take hold and move through different stages of interior design and fashion. Viva Magenta will be with us for a few years, but there will come a day (a year) when the vibrant Viva will look gauche and garish. Never dull, but definitely dated.

If you have the resources and the energy to entirely repaint your home every few years, wow! Good for you. But most of us don’t or prefer to focus our energy and resources other places. 

So, how to stay on trend without breaking the bank or your back every few years? There are lots of options.

An accent wall. Viva Magenta is perfect for an accent wall. This jewel tone is a mix of a power color (red) with a grounding color (blue), giving it a very wide appeal. Using it as an accent wall in a living room, dining room or kitchen might be just the perfect pop of color for your home.

Or, if even one wall feels like too much of a commitment, what about a throw rug? An accent piece? A piece of art? There are any number of ways you can use the color of the year, any year, and make it easy and simple to make it a part of your décor. 

When a color is trending you will begin to see it in stores. High end retail, both fashion and home décor, will have the first pieces. It may be late in the year or even early next year before you begin to see pieces in more accessible retail spaces. But the color will get there. It may already be in some places; the color would have some popularity already to have made color of the year.

If you’re interested, go out and find the vividly vibrant Viva Magenta and make it a part of your home décor.

Unless you hate it. Then, don’t use it at all. Make yourself happy and don’t worry about being on the cutting edge. Because every trend eventually becomes dated and out of style. But more important than that is that you have a space you love that you think is beautiful where you can find peace and all the comforts of home.

Next time we’re going to talk about how to stay classic and current simultaneously in your home design decisions.