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Watauga, NC Teacher of the Year Darcy Grimes Hangs Out in Oval Office, Meets President Barack Obama

Grimes with Pres
President Barack Obama greets North Carolina Teacher of the Year, Darcy Grimes, in the Oval Office, April 23, 2013. Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson

By Jesse Wood

May 1, 2013. N.C. Teacher of the Year Darcy Grimes, who was a third-grade teacher at Bethel Elementary School before her education ambassadorship, stood in the Oval Office face to face with President Barack Obama on April 23. 

Last week, Grimes – along with the other teachers of the year from across the country – attended an event where Obama recognized the State Teachers of the Year and honored the National Teacher of the Year Jeff Charbonneau of Washington. 

“These folks did not go into teaching for money. They certainly didn’t go into it because of the light hours and the easy work.  They walk into the classroom every single day because they love doing what they do, because they’re passionate about helping our children realize the best versions of themselves so that our country can become the best version of itself,” Obama said during the ceremony

“And I just want to say to all of them, I hope that in some small measure this award keeps them going.  Because I never want our teachers to feel discouraged at a time of budget cuts, at a time when all too often problems in the schools are laid at the feet of teachers; where we expect them to do so much, and sometimes they get so little in return,” Obama said. “I want you guys to know that the country appreciates you.  The kids appreciate you.  The parents appreciate you.  What you do matters.  It’s critical to our success as a country, but most importantly, it’s critical to those kids themselves.  I cannot think of something more important than reaching that child who maybe came in uninspired, and suddenly, you’ve inspired them.”

Grimes couldn’t be reached as of press time, but she posted on her Facebook page that she had an “amazing” experience in Washington, D.C.

“I have had an amazing week in Washington DC for the National and State Teachers of the Year Recognition Week! I just keep thinking about the thousands of teachers in NC that should be honored just like we have been today! Thank you teachers for everything you do!” Grimes posted. 

To view the ceremony and see Grimes standing in the background behind Obama, watch the video below: