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Watauga County Board of Elections Featured on MSNBC ‘The Rachel Maddow Show’ Thursday, Watch Video Here


By Jesse Wood

Aug. 16, 2013. “The Rachel Maddow Show” on MSNBC focused on Watauga County, including Boone and ASU, during an 11-minute segment regarding elections and voting in North Carolina.

The segment included video footage from the Watauga County Board of Elections meeting last Monday that was filmed by Jesse Presnell, third vice chair of the Watauga County Democratic Party, and a screenshot of High Country Press coverage of the contentious meeting.

“This tape is from Watauga County in Western North Carolina. It happened on Monday night this week, and what you see there on one level looks like a little local level dispute for a county in North Carolina, but it turns out that what happened there is also a sign of something really big going on in North Carolina,” Maddow said.

Screenshot of video.
Screenshot of video.

The liberal TV host mentioned, although not in name, “Moral Mondays,” and knocked, in particularly, the Voter ID bill and Gov. Pat McCrory.

The segment included a clip of ASU’s promotional video titled “Hot, Hot, Hot” and mentioned how the county voted for Mitt Romney by a thin margin, but ASU voted overwhelmingly for Barrack Obama “and almost dragged the rest of the county with them.” 

Click here to watch MSNBC 11-minute video. 

Click here for info about Presnell talking about being on the show Thursday afternoon.

Correction: Jesse Presnell is a member of the Watauga County Democratic Party – not the Watauga County Republican Party. The story above has been corrected. 

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