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U.S. Senate Candidate Greg Brannon Hires Top Staffer To Republican Texas U.S. Sen Ted Cruz – Nick Dyer

Sept. 20, 2013. Greg Brannon’s campaign for U.S. Senate announced today they’ve hired Nick Dyer as their new political director.

Photo by Ed McClearen

Nick served as the Youth Outreach Director for the Ted Cruz campaign where he was responsible for building a network of volunteers on college campuses across the state of Texas.

After a few months successfully running Cruz’s youth outreach program, Nick was promoted to Regional Field Director where he continued to build a robust field operation. 

As the campaign field operation grew, Nick was again promoted to serve as the Deputy State Field Director where he helped lead the Cruz campaign to victory.

“When I joined Senator Cruz’s campaign for Senate, the establishment said we had no chance at the nomination.   We proved them wrong by building a grassroots army like none other which led us to a resounding victory against our establishment backed opponent.  Greg Brannon is exactly the type of conservative that can build a movement to secure the nomination and beat Kay Hagan in November,” said Dyer.

Most recently Nick has served on Senator Cruz’s full time staff in his Washington, DC office.

“It’s a bittersweet feeling to leave Senator Cruz’s staff. I’m proud to have been a part of a team who came to Washington, as Senator Cruz notes, to kick down the door, tear down the curtains, and auction off the silver. I’d say he is off to a terrific start,” said Dyer.

Dyer added, “I’m excited to get to work to elect Dr. Brannon to the U.S. Senate. Senators Cruz, Lee and Paul need reinforcements and Greg will be a great addition to the Wacko Bird caucus.”

This hire is a clear indication that Greg Brannon, the Tea Party favorite, is committed to building the grassroots organization needed to defeat his establishment backed opponent and go on to defeat Senator Hagan.

“We’re putting together a team of the best and the brightest who will give us the tools to lead our grassroots campaign to victory. Not only does Nick bring a great deal of experience and talent to our team but an intense commitment to the core principles of our campaign,” said Brannon.

Dr. Greg Brannon is a Cary pro-life Obstetrician and conservative leader in North Carolina.  A popular speaker for Tea Party groups the past few years, Dr. Brannon is the anti-establishment candidate running in opposition to the Big Government, big spending status quo in both political parties.

“We’re very happy with the team that’s coming together and we look forward to introducing the rest of Team Brannon in the days and weeks ahead,” said Campaign Manager, Reilly O’Neal.

Opportunities to speak with the candidate are available for members of the media upon request. Please contact Campaign Manager, Reilly O’Neal, at (919) 508-6087 or email press@gregbrannon.com with questions.