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U.S. Rep. Foxx Welcomes North Carolinians To Their Capitol For 57th Presidential Inauguration

image020Jan. 22, 2012. Congresswoman Virginia Foxx (R-NC) today welcomed nearly 80 North Carolinians to their Capitol in Washington, D.C. to take part in the 57th Presidential Inauguration ceremony in United States history.

“The United States of America is the most remarkable country in the world. 236 years ago, the landscape of history was changed with the declaration of our free and independent United States – a nation founded on the principle that all men are created equal. Our representative democracy is displayed proudly in Presidential Inauguration ceremonies,” Congresswoman Foxx stated. “It is wonderful to be able to share the experience with so many North Carolina students and families.” 

Among those attending the Presidential Inauguration at Congresswoman Foxx’s invitation was Ms. Susan Le Tissier of Mount Holly, North Carolina. Le Tissier, a native of the British Isle of Guernsey, is a Legal Permanent Resident in the United States who plans to apply for United States citizenship in the near future. She had dreamed of one day attending an Inauguration ceremony.

“What is remarkable to me is that the leader of a country can be changed and the response is celebration,” Ms. Le Tissier said. “I enjoy the fact that in America the peaceful transfer of power is celebrated.”


Foxx and Le Tissier met at Charlotte’s Douglas Airport.  Having developed a great appreciation for the American republic while studying government and politics in the U.K., Le Tissier conveyed to Foxx her hope to attend the Presidential Inauguration.

In addition to Ms. Le Tissier, Fifth District residents from Winston-Salem, Boone, Clemmons, Statesville, Lewisville, Lexington, Hickory, Salisbury, Rural Hall, and Boomer received inauguration tickets from Representative Foxx to attend the 57th Presidential Inauguration ceremony. 

Foxx’s guests visited the 5th District Congressional office in Washington, D.C. on Sunday to pick up their tickets in advance of today’s Inauguration and enjoy a bit of refreshment in the form of North Carolina peanuts and soft drinks.

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