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Statements on Netanyahu’s Address To Congress Regarding Iran on Tuesday

Below are a statements from a few of our representatives in U.S. Congress on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s addressing Congress about Iran:

Foxx Statement on Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Address to Congress

U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx
U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx

Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-N.C., today released the following statement regarding Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to a joint session of Congress:

“Prime Minister Netanyahu is absolutely right – the world cannot tolerate a nuclear Iranian regime. The Obama administration is signaling it will support temporarily restricting, not eliminating, Iran’s potential to produce nuclear weapons, but I believe it is critical that we act to ensure Iran does not obtain nuclear capabilities. Any deal reached by the State Department and Iran regarding their nuclear program needs to include Congressional involvement.

“As a strong supporter of Israel, I am concerned about the instability and the animosity that subsists toward one of our strongest allies. Though there may be widespread ignorance in the international community about the conflict between Israel and those who seek its destruction, the simple truth is that throughout history Israel has made numerous concessions in the pursuit of peace while seeking only the right to exist and defend itself from all threats. A strong Israel is paramount in the region and not giving it our backing would be supporting terrorists. Support for Israel includes support for its duly elected political leadership, and I considered it my responsibility as an elected representative to attend a speech by the leadership of one of our closest allies.”

Meadows’ Statement on Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Speech


On Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed a joint session of Congress to discuss the imminent threat posed by a nuclear Iran and to reaffirm Israel’s commitment to its alliance with the United States. Congressman Meadows (R-NC) released the following statement:

It was an honor to host the Israeli Prime Minister today in the House of Representatives. Despite the shameful politicization by the White House of this incredibly important address, the Prime Minister provided important insight as to why all peaceful nations, not just Israel and the United States, should be extremely concerned by Iran’s nuclear pursuit. For months, President Obama has continued to cave to Iran, lifting numerous sanctions and weakening the terms of a potential nuclear agreement. Make no mistake, Iran is a rogue state run by extremists and is a designated State Sponsor of Terrorism by the U.S. State Department. Iranian officials have repeatedly called the United States the “Great Satan” and just last week brazenly flaunted the country’s tests of new “strategic weapons.” Allowing Iran to continue to pursue any nuclear ambitions would pose a direct threat to the United States, as well as to our ally Israel.


This Administration has proven to be naïve when it comes to foreign policy. From calling ISIS a “junior varsity” threat to underestimating Russian aggression, the White House has been “leading” from behind when it comes to countering global threats. Any nuclear agreement brokered by this Administration would hinge on the belief that the extremist leaders in Iran will stick to their word and honor their obligations—a naïve position at best.

I am deeply committed to supporting the nation of Israel, beginning with strongly opposing any nuclear agreement with Iran that does not completely eliminate Iran’s breakout capability. Iran has continued to undermine international efforts to oversee its nuclear program and Iran’s leaders consistently call for the total elimination of Israel. We must stand united in our support for Israel, which means setting politics aside and putting our security and Israel’s security first.

Senator Richard Burr: ‘Unfortunate Netanyahu had to Ask’ for US Support


Senator Richard Burr (R-NC), Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI), made the following statement following Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to the United States Congress:

“Today, Prime Minister Netanyahu asked for America’s unwavering support for Israel, our friend and ally in a tumultuous region. It’s unfortunate the Prime Minister even had to ask. Over the last six years, I have watched this Administration’s foreign policy failures in the Middle East pile up and erode our relationship with Israel. I will continue to support the United States’ partnership and am thankful for the Prime Minister’s address to Congress today.”

Tillis Statement On Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Speech To Congress


Following Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before a joint session of Congress, Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC) issued the following statement:

“It was important for our nation to hear from Prime Minister Netanyahu today on the grave threat the Iranian regime poses to not only the United States and Israel, but the entire world.

“While the Obama Administration criticized the Speaker of the House for inviting the elected leader of America’s greatest ally in the Middle East to address Congress, the real outrage is this Administration’s insistence on reaching a deal with the Iranian regime – even a bad one – without approval from Congress.

“An Iranian regime that acquires nuclear weapons is a nightmare scenario that would embolden Iran’s terrorist proxies, destabilize the Middle East, and threaten the very existence of Israel.

“I urge President Obama to carefully consider the well-founded concerns expressed by Prime Minister Netanyahu today and begin to work with Congress to take the actions needed to stop Iran from achieving nuclear weapons capability.”