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Romney/Ryan Tour Bus Stops at Watauga County Republican Party Headquarters To Cheers and Applause

A crowd watches as the Romney/Ryan bus pulls into town. Photo by Jesse Wood

By Jesse Wood

Sept. 4, 2012. At about 2:15 p.m. Tuesday, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s tour bus stopped nearby the Watauga County Republican Party headquarters in the parking lot of Shops at Shadowline.   

With cheers and applause, a few dozen folks – including a few college-aged students, greeted the bus which didn’t include the Republican candidates, and many of them stepped inside to look around.

The interior of the bus included photos of President Barack Obama, one in particular had the word “Foreclosure” written above the politician; a few photos of Romney’s father, George Romney, during his presidential campaign in 1968; and, of course, photos of Romney himself.

During the stop in Boone, Fox News played on the TV inside the bus, which was nice but not extravagant.

Robert Reid, the N.C. Communications Director for Romney’s state campaign, said the bus left Charlotte this morning amidst a “great turnout,” where Romney talked about the “failed policies of the President,” which have been “harmful,” Reid said, for all Americans.  

He added that this bus tour was a chance for people to get a peek inside the top Republicans’ tour bus and “share our appreciation” to the volunteers of the campaign.  

Linda Craig, who was a Watauga County Commissioner from 1994 to 1998, came to Shadowline Drive to show support for the Romney/Ryan Ticket.

She said she was voting for Romney because of his track record as a business executive and as the governor of Massachusetts.

“I think with his business experience, his political experience and executive experience gives him a good handle. He did a great job in the Olympics to bring that back from profound deficits, as I recall,” Craig said. “He has the business and governmental experience to do the job and take control of this massive debt.”  

Check out the photos by Ken Ketchie below: