Rep. Mark Meadows Supports Welfare To Work Legislation, Releases Statement After Voting for HR 890

Published Thursday, March 14, 2013 at 10:09 am

March 14, 2013. Representative Mark Meadows (NC-11) released the following statement after voting for H.R. 890, the Preserving Work Requirements for Welfare Programs Act of 2013:



“Since 1996, work requirements for welfare recipients have given Americans a hand up rather than a handout.  Devised under the Clinton administration, the work requirements in the heavily bipartisan welfare reform law have incentivized people to escape from poverty and a life of government dependence. Unfortunately, on July 12, 2012, the Obama administration attempted to undermine this key component of welfare reform by allowing states to opt out of the work requirement. With almost half of Americans living in a household where at least one person is dependent on a government benefit, work requirements for welfare recipients play a pivotal role in breaking that reliance. 

“I supported the Preserving Work Requirements for Welfare Programs Act because it prohibits the administration from waiving the work requirements that were established 17 years ago.  I am dedicated to helping people escape a life of poverty and dependence by giving them the tools they need to enter the workforce.

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