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NC Sierra Club Endorses Sam Ervin IV for N.C. Supreme Court, He Served 10 Years on N.C. Utilities Commission

Oct. 29, 2012. For the first time, the NC Sierra Club has chosen to endorse a candidate running for a seat on North Carolina’s Supreme Court. Typically, the Sierra Club does not make endorsements in judicial races, but Judge Ervin’s distinguished record warrants making an exception in this case.

“Judge Ervin has a record of giving appropriate consideration to environmental impacts when making decisions. During his tenure at the North Carolina Utilities Commission and the North Carolina Court of Appeals, Judge Ervin consistently demonstrated an appreciation of the impact his rulings have on the state’s natural resources,” stated Ken Brame, the NC Sierra Club’s State Political Co-Chair.

Ervin served for ten years on the N.C. Utilities Commission, where he played a key role in implementing the Clean Smokestacks Act and the state’s Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard. On the Court of Appeals, Judge Ervin wrote a dissenting opinion in the case of Applewood Properties, LLC v. New South Properties, LLC, where he argued against a narrow interpretation of the Sedimentation Pollution Control Act.