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NC Fed. of College Republicans Releases Statement, Video on ‘Moral Monday:’ ‘What’s Wrong With NC Democrats’

July 16, 2013. Today, the North Carolina Federation of College Republicans released the following web video and statement regarding “Moral Monday”. (See both below.)

ABC11 recently asked the question, “Does NAACP president profit from Moral Monday?” and examined the amount of money protest organizer William Barber receives from the state for his nonprofits. 

In early June the protests were estimated to have cost the Raleigh and General Assembly Police Departments around $50,000 as reported by WRAL, a figure that is now estimated to be in excess of $100,000.

NCGOP sources revealed last Wednesday, a blast email was sent from ncfreshproducesafety-owner@lists.ncsu.edu a state owned program under North Carolina State University and the UNC system. This is a blatant use of state owned resources for partisan activity, and is an inappropriate use of taxpayer dollars.  

Armed with data from ncopenbook.gov, a Civitas investigation reported that the coordinated groups protesting at Moral Mondays have received more than $100 million in direct state grants in recent years.

And most recently, protest participants admit through a willing interview that “they are covered” with procedural and legal assistance after a voluntary arrest. The North CarolinaDemocrat Party is with them 100%. 

“Riding on a bus from out of state with a gameplan to volunteer to be arrested while getting special treatment and a free lawyer isn’t moral, and it’s puzzling why this is being applauded,” said Nate Pencook, Chairman of the North Carolina Federation of College Republicans. “Instead of protesting the policies that the voters supported in the last election, the Democrats should be focused on winning back the voters that overwhelmingly rejected their outdated and backwards policies that led North Carolina to having the 5th highest unemployment rate in the nation.”