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1,600+ Wataugans Early Vote Through Thursday


Compiled by Jesse Wood

May 2, 2014. Early voting for the May 6 primary ends on Saturday, May 3, at 1 p.m.

So far more than 1,600 people have voted early – with the vast majority voting in the Watauga County Administration Building in downtown Boone. See the totals for all the early voting sites through in Watauga County below.

  • Watauga County Administration Building in downtown Boone: 1,144
  • Western Watauga Community Center in Sugar Grove: 101
  • Blowing Rock Town Hall: 159
  • Deep Gap Fire Department: 95
  • Meat Camp Department: 109

Election Director Jane Ann Hodges said that the voting this election cycle has been “heavier” than in previous years because their are more competitive races this primary.

As for the concentration of voting in the administration building in downtown Boone, Hodges said, “I wish there was more voting at the other sites.”

Before you head to the polls, check out the ballots below and also check out our election coverage that features info on candidates, sample ballots, polling places and more.


Check out the ballots for all parties for the primary below.

Remember if you are registered as an unaffiliated voter, you may choose a Republican or Democrat Ballot, which features more races. 

Avery County Sample Ballots

Watauga County Sample Ballots