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Results of the Primary Election: Watauga Votes No to Marriage Amendment; Petrea Out of School Board Race

Last updated: May 9, 10:25 a.m.

Compiled by Paul T. Choate

Watauga County Board of Education

Choices: Jay Fenwick, Deborah Greene, Ron Henries, Barbara Kinsey, Fred Oliver, Brandon Petrea, Brenda Reece

Final totals:
Fenwick: 4,563 votes — 15.19 percent.

Greene: 4,555 votes — 15.17 percent.
Henries: 4,829 votes — 16.08 percent.
Kinsey: 5,943 votes — 19.79 percent.
Oliver: 2,579 votes — 8.59 percent.
Petrea: 1,526 votes — 5.08 percent. 
Reece: 6,039 votes — 20.11 percent.

Precinct Results (unofficial):
Absentees: Kinsey lead with 2,558 votes.

Bald Mountain: Fenwick lead with 84 votes.
Beaver Dam: Henries lead with 243 votes.
Beech Mountain: Reese lead with 45 votes. 
Blowing Rock: Reese lead with 401 votes.
Blue Ridge: Reese lead with 326 votes.
Boone 1: Kinsey lead with 104 votes.
Boone 2: Reese lead with 41 votes.
Boone 3: Reese lead with 62 votes.
Brushy Fork: Henries lead with 311 votes.
Cove Creek: Henries lead with 327 votes.
Elk: Reese lead with 61 votes.
Laurel Creek: Reese lead with 150 votes.
Meat Camp: Greene lead with 284 votes.
New River 1: Kinsey lead with 115 votes.
New River 2: Henries lead with 224 votes.
New River 3: Kinsey lead with 333 votes. 
North Fork: Henries lead with 21 votes.
Shawneehaw: Reese lead with 117 votes.
Stony Fork: Kinsey lead with 262 votes.
Watauga: Reese lead with 299 votes.
Transfer I: Fenwick lead with 76 votes.
Transfer II: Kinsey lead with 94 votes. 

Constitutional Marriage Amendment (Amendment One)
Last updated: 10:46 p.m. 

Choices: For, Against

Final totals:
For: 7,464 votes — 49.18 percent.

Against: 7,713 votes — 50.82 percent. 

Precinct Results:
Absentee: Against lead with 3,775 votes.

Bald Mountain: For lead with 91 votes.
Beaver Dam: For lead with 343 votes.
Beech Mountain: For lead with 70 votes.
Blowing Rock: Against lead with 457 votes.
Blue Ridge: For lead with 498 votes.
Boone 1:  Against lead with 171 votes.
Boone 2: Against lead with 100 votes.
Boone 3: Against lead with 90 votes.
Brushy Fork: For lead with 379 votes.
Cove Creek: For lead with 565 votes.
Elk:  For lead with 104 votes.
Laurel Creek: For lead with 245 votes.
Meat Camp: For lead with 459 votes.
New River 1: Against lead with 204 votes.
New River 2: For lead with 318 votes.
New River 3: For lead with 386 votes.
North Fork: For lead with 45 votes.
Shawneehaw: For lead with 136 votes.
Stony Fork: For lead with 481 votes.
Watauga: For lead with 444 votes.
Transfer I: Against lead with 202 votes.
Transfer II: Against lead with 256 votes.

United States President

Choices (DEM): Barack Obama, no preference
Choices (REP): Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, no preference
Choices (LIB): Roger Gary, R.J. Harris, Gary Johnson, Carl Person, Bill Still, Lee Wrights, no preference 

Results (20 of 20 precincts reporting):
(DEM): Obama wins with 5,065 votes — 86.74 percent.
(REP): Romney wins with 4,013 votes — 58.76 percent 
(LIB): No preference wins with 58 votes — 61.70 percent 

N.C. Governor

Choices (DEM): Walter Dalton, Gary Dunn, Bob Ethridge, Bill Faison, Gardenia Henley, Bruce Blackmon
Choices (REP) : Jim Harney, Scott Jones, Jim Mahan, Pat McCrory, Charles Moss, Paul Wright

Results (20 of 20 precincts reporting):
(DEM): Dalton wins with 2,550 votes — 52.22 percent.
(REP): McCrory wins with 4,864 votes — 81.82 percent.

N.C. Lt. Governor

Choices (DEM): Eric Mansfield, Linda Coleman
Choices (REP): Dale Folwell, Dan Forest, Tony Gurley, Grey Mills, Arthur Rich 

Results (20 of 20 precincts reporting):
(DEM): Mansfield wins with 2,248 votes — 50.07 percent.
(REP):  Forest wins with 1,749 votes — 37.87 percent.

U.S. House of Representatives, District 5

Choices (DEM): Elisabeth Motsinger, Bruce Peller

Results (20 of 20 precincts reporting):
Motsinger wins with 3,570 votes — 77.47 percent.

N.C. State Senate, District 45

Choices (REP): George Robinson, Dan Soucek

Results (20 of 20 precincts reporting):
Soucek wins with 4,988 votes — 82.30 percent.

N.C. Treasurer

Choices (DEM): Ron Elmer, Janet Cowell
Choices (REP): Frank Roche, Steve Royal 

Results (20 of 20 precincts reporting):
(DEM): Cowell wins with 3,557 votes — 82.17 percent.
(REP): Royal wins with 2,450 votes — 59.42 percent. 

N.C. Commissioner of Agriculture

Choices (DEM): Walter Smith, Scott Bryant
Choices (REP): Bill McManus, Steve Troxler 

Results (20 of 20 precincts reporting):
(DEM): Bryant wins with 2,492 votes — 61.47 percent.
(REP): Troxler wins with 3,443 votes — 71.88 percent.

N.C. Commissioner of Labor

Choices (DEM): Marlowe Foster, Ty Richardson, John Brooks

Results (20 of 20 precincts reporting):
Foster wins with 1,995 votes — 49.54 percent. 

N.C. Commissioner of Insurance

Choices (REP:) James McCall, Richard Morgan, Mike Causey

 Results (20 of 20 precincts reporting):
Causey wins with 1,532 votes — 36.45 percent. 

N.C. Auditor

Choices (REP:) Joseph DeBragga, Greg Dority, Debra Goldman, Fern Shubert, Rudy Wright

 Results (20 of 20 precincts reporting):
Goldman wins with 1,432 votes — 34.81 percent. 

N.C. Superintendent of Public Instruction

Choices (REP:) Ray Martin, David Scholl, John Tedesco, Richard Alexander, Mark Crawford

 Results (20 of 20 precincts reporting):
Alexander wins with 1,156 votes — 28.14 percent. 

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