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Jeff Templeton’s Name on Robo-Call Surveying Potential Candidates for Mayor of Boone, Templeton Says ‘Not Eligible, Not Interested’

By Jesse Wood

April 12, 2013. Jeff Templeton, a member of the Boone Planning Commission, wants to point out that he is not running for the mayor of the Town of Boone.

Recently, a robo-call from a from a Windstream Communcations’ landline in Charlotte is surveying residents on who they would vote for in the November election for Boone Town Council, according to Templeton.

The candidates mentioned are Boone Town Council Members Andy Ball, Lynne Mason and Rennie Brantz … and Templeton.

Templeton, who thought it was funny his name was on the call as a potential candidate, released this statement after becoming aware of the robo-call:

“Although I am flattered to be included in the recent robo-call survey for the position of Mayor of Boone, as a resident of the ETJ, I am neither eligible nor interested in the position.  The inclusion of my name in the list of prospective candidates was unauthorized and likely designed to determine the political persuasion of the call recipient.”  

At the end of that statement, he also added a few choice words for Ball that are not included in this post.

On Friday, Ball said he has not heard the call and that his campaign was not behind the robo-call.

With Templeton’s name mentioned, Ball said, “It sounds like a joke to me.”

Ball also didn’t confirm that he is running for mayor, using the phrase, “If I end up deciding to run…”

Calls to the Watauga County Democratic Party office and to Chairwoman Diane Tilson were not answered on Friday morning.