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Freshman U.S. Reps From NC, including Meadows, Pen Letter To Obama Regarding Gun Control Measures


By Jesse Wood

Feb. 2, 2013. U.S. Rep. Mark Meadows (NC-11) recently signed a joint letter addressed to President Barack Obama. (See full letter at end of article.) 

The letter, signed by all four freshman U.S. Representatives from North Carolina, voiced “grave concerns” about a series of sweeping gun control measures from the president that included banning armor-piercing ammunition, reinstating the military-style assault weapons ban and capping magazines to a 10-round limit. These were among 23 Executive Actions signed by Obama on Jan. 17, a month after the Sandy Hook Tragedy.

“As North Carolinians who represent a state filled with sportsmen and women, responsible gun owners, and law-abiding citizens who wish to protect themselves, we vehemently oppose the measures the President has taken to limit our Second Amendment rights,” the North Carolina freshmen said in a joint statement. “We will work to ensure that our constituents and the citizens of North Carolina maintain the ability to exercise their Constitutional freedoms, regardless of the President’s power grab.” 

In statements below, the representatives voiced concerns that the President’s broad gun control measures violate Constitutional rights and sidestep thorough dialogue on gun violence and that the sweeping new measures reject the viewpoints and values of millions of firearm owners in North Carolina and throughout the United States. 

“Circumventing Congress and punishing law abiding citizens who choose to exercise their Second Amendment rights is not the answer,” Meadows said in a statement.  “Instead, we should be focused on enforcing existing laws, examining issues like mental health and bolstering safety precautions in schools. I encourage the president to put his political agenda aside and sit down at the table with both parties so we can prevent future tragedies.”

Hudson added, “I understand that some people believe new gun restrictions are the solution to preventing acts of mass violence, but we can stop criminals from hurting others without taking away anyone’s Constitutional rights. We need a thoughtful conversation on how we can rectify the root cause of the problem; unfortunately, the President’s actions don’t afford Americans that opportunity.”

“We need a thoughtful discussion about the best ways to protect our citizens, but I am concerned that the President’s proposals go too far,” said Holding. “Protecting American families is essential, but we need to recognize the difference between millions of law abiding American gun owners and a few deranged individuals. Any future action must be carefully considered in light of our right-to-bear-arms as defined in the Constitution and affirmed by the Supreme Court.”

Rep. Pittenger added, “Last year, 77,000 violations of existing gun control regulations were not prosecuted. Instead of calling for even more regulations, President Obama should use his bully pulpit to bring attention to the heart of the matter – the culture of violence that has infected our society. Only when our nation regains its moral footing will our children be truly safe.”

Below is the letter. Click to enlarge.

Letter to the President